“Grés de Montpellier has become the newest Languedoc appellation following 20 years as a complementary geographic denomination under the Languedoc AC.

The ascension of Languedoc Grés de Montpellier to its own specific appellation status was approved on 30 November 2023 by the French National Institute for Origin and Quality (INAO).

Once the decree has been officially formalised, which will take place in the next few weeks, it will allow producers to label their wines as Grés de Montpellier from the 2024 vintage, dropping the preceding ‘Languedoc’ nomenclature.

The Grés de Montpellier vineyard area, influenced by its proximity to the Mediterranean sea, covers 4,600ha in fragmented pockets around the city of Montpellier, stretching for 60km across 45 villages from Montagnac in the west to Lunel in the east. The vineyards, of which only 420ha are currently in production of Grés de Montpellier wines, are located on gently rolling hills, between 30m and 300m altitude, with stony soils.”

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