L’accent Languedocien


Nestled in its verdant jewel box overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, the rolling hillsides forming an amphitheater of grapevines around Montpellier…here, where the wild beauty of the Languedoc reveals its rich heritage between the sea and the French “garrigue”, the vineyards of “Grés de Montpellier” invite you to embark on a voyage of elegance!


This is the story of a land on which the Etruscans were already cultivating grapes in 500 BC. A landscape of vineyards nestled between land and sea, nourished by the Mediterranean climate and the French ‘garrigue’. A land of vineyards built by passionate people and a collective savoir-faire. A land of vineyards characterized by the finesse and the elegance of the tannins in the wines they produce. A land of vineyards with a soil rich in pebbles, called “Lou Gres” in Occitan.

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Welcome in Grés de Montpellier Vineyard

A bottle, an identity.

The ambassador of its appellation, the Grés de Montpellier bottle bears an engraved icon symbolizing the winemakers’ connection to their capital city, Montpellier, as well as their attachment to the Languedoc region. It carries an unique collective identity that is easily recognizable.



A climate of its own

Nestled between the sea and mountains, the vineyards of Grés de Montpellier flourish and thrive in a typically Mediterranean climate. Here, the climate is tempered by maritime influences and a thermal range that allow a gentle, slow maturation of grapes and tannins.
The low rainfall, combined with the influence of the sea breeze as well as the excellent soil permeability, permit the grapevines to develop harmoniously by reaching their roots deep into the soil to find what they need. It is this climate that gives the wines of Grés de Montpellier their fine and elegant tannins.



Oenological tour at the “Musée Fabre” 

Oenological tour at the “Musée Fabre” 

Every month, we organize oenological tours combining wine and art at the “Musée Fabre” in Montpellier. It is a dual interpretation tour, hosted by a winemaker of the AOC Languedoc Grés de Montpellier appellation, who reveals all the secrets of the trade as well as...

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Top 10 Ambassadors

Top 10 Ambassadors

Ten wines are awarded the title of “ambassadors of Grés de Montpellier”, our standard-bearers for the year!  As every year, the grand wine tasting “TOP 10 Grés de Montpellier”  is a highlight for the appellation. It brings together a jury of wine...

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