The characteristics

With its Mediterranean aspect under maritime influence, the climate is a major factor in the identity of the vineyards.

Born and raised under this Mediterranean influence, the wines produced here under the Grés de Montpellier appellation (which are exclusively red) gain a specificity that can be revealed by a characteristic deep ruby hue, a complex nose expressing red and black fruit (cherry, blackberry, raspberry, grenadine), French garrigue, spices and often olive tapenade, with a full and generous mouth, ample finesse and silky tannins.

These wines reveal their gourmet character even while young, soon after the end of the vinification process, but nevertheless maintain a strong aging potential.

glass wine grés de montpellier

Rules of production

The Languedoc Grés de Montpellier appellation has strict production conditions. The grapes come from parcels identified by the producers and approved by the “INAO” (National Institute of Origin and Quality)

Decree of March 11, 2003

Only 46 municipalities can produce Grés de Montpellier out of the 531 municipalities of the larger AOC Languedoc.

Grape varieties : Red wine
Principal grape varieties: grenache, syrah, mourvèdre
Secondary grape varieties: carignan, cinsaut, morrastel
The wines of Grés de Montpellier must be composed of a combination of two of the main grape varieties in order to claim the appellation. The main grape varieties must represent at least 70% of the surface area claimed as Grés de Montpellier, with at least 20% of Grenache.

Yield : The yield of Languedoc Grés de Montpellier must not exceed 45 hectoliters per hectare.

The beginning of young grapevines’ production : The benefit of the Languedoc Grés de Montpellier appellation can only be granted to young vines after the 9th leaf for carignan, and the 6th leaf for the other grape varieties.

Plantation : higher or equal to 4,400 plants per hectare

Vineyard management : short branch pruning, in goblet or Royat cordon. Obligatory trellising for the Syrah and for vines trained in Royat cordon.

Wine ageing : one year

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